Things to Do Before Baby Arrives!

Step Number 1: Enjoy Your First Pregnancy!!

For a first time mom, here are some practical suggestions of the things needed to prepare yourself and your home for your new baby:Checklist for newborn

If you don’t have one already, think of buying a cordless phone. It will be great to be able to have a phone nearby instead of having to run to answer the phone.

Prepare a telephone or email list to keep friends and family informed.

Buy in bulk staple foods and things you always need in the house, such as toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags ,washing powder etc..

Make meals and freeze them. Cook and freeze as many meals as you can possibly store in your freezer before your baby’s arrival. You’ll be so glad you made the effort!

Complete your baby registry. It’s a great way to check what you have, what you need, and what you want and can afford.

Do not wash the newborn baby clothes until after your baby is born so that you will be able to return or exchange the clothing for larger sizes if needed. Also keep your receipts in a safe place.

Research the benefits of different baby car seats before buying. Make sure it meets all the safety standards and your requirements.

Wipes: Buy a couple of tubs of wipes so that you do not need to shop for a while.

Diaper Bag: You need a bag to carry all your baby’s things such as several diapers, receiving blanket, change of clothes, plastic bag for soiled diapers, washcloth or baby wipes. Choose from these stylish but practical diaper bags. For tips on deciding what diaper bag to buy, read this diaper bag buying guide.

Diapers: You can never own enough clot diapers. They make great burp cloths, are great when feeding baby (bottle or breast), and make an impromptu changing pad .Have a healthy supply of both disposable and cloth diapers.

Deciding on a baby carrier depends on what suits your needs. Not only will it free up your hands while still keeping your baby close to you, but convenience, lightness, ease of use and security of your baby needs to be considered.things to do before baby arrives

Baby tub: Make sure it is an infant tub.

Don’t forget to pack:

  • Nursing bras and nursing pads,
  • Sleepwear and slippers,
  • Toiletries for yourself,
  • Clothes for your return home: choose comfortable clothes,
  • Clothes for your baby to wear when coming home,
  • Camera / video camera.

Plan how you will announce the birth. For great ideas browse ways to announce your baby’s birth.

Figure out family visiting schedule… Mom, Dad & Inlaws….

Don’t forget to treat yourself:  haircut, manicure, pedicure, etc.

Have a look at What Baby Stuff Do I Need? for a practical guide on the essentials for a new baby.