Fetal Development: Week 9

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Week 9 of your Pregnancy

Most noticeable this week is the size of your baby’s head – it is large compared to the rest of the body and tucked down towards the chest.

Pregnancy week 9The tail has now completely disappeared and your baby is beginning to look more like a little person.

The eyelids are fully formed but fused and won’t open until week 27 or 28.

Your baby is still very small, measuring less than 1 inch or 25 mm, about the size of a cherry.

The arms and legs are growing and the fingers and toes are clearly visible.

What to Expect

Fatigue may become more noticeable. Morning sickness and frequent urination may also be causing you visit the bathroom more often than you would like and also interrupting your sleep.

If this is making you are feeling a little down, hang in there, it should improve in a few weeks.

Tips for Week 9

Treat yourself to a pampering session or a great night out while you can still wear one of those gorgeous little black dresses or one of your favorite outfits.

If you have not started a journal of your pregnancy, why not document your journey through pregnancy? It is so easy to forget all the little things that happen during your 9 month journey.

You’ll be glad you wrote everything down in the months and years to come!

Photo by euthman

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