Fetal Development: Week 7

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Week 7 of your Pregnancy

Your baby is growing at an incredible speed, having doubled in size since last week and is now about ½ inch or 11-13 mm long (about the size of a blueberry).

Embryo at 7 weeks gestation

Your baby’s tadpole-like ‘tail’ is noticeably smaller and his/her body is now slightly straighter, but the head, especially the forehead, is still large compared to the body.

The big news this week:

Hands and feet are emerging from the limb buds — although they still look more like paddles at this point!

The limb buds also start to form cartilage (which will develop into the bones of the legs and arms).

Your baby’s brain is kicking into high gear with the fore-brain taking shape and new brain cells being generated at the rate of 100 per minute!

The umbilical cord has formed and is connecting the embryo with the placenta, providing oxygen and nutrients to the embryo and removing waste.

Facial features are becoming more distinct – you can just begin to see eyelids forming and a bit of the tip of a nose. The eyes are still set far apart.

Also important, a permanent set of kidneys is developing.

What to Expect

Congratulations! You have reached a milestone: You are halfway through the first trimester!

Morning sickness will now be in full swing (if not, count yourself extremely lucky!) as well as all the other pregnancy symptoms such as dizziness, headaches and heartburn. But hang in there – your hormones will stabilize in the second trimester.

By this stage, some expectant moms have grown a full cup size, which might be welcome news for some!

An increased vaginal discharge (without being accompanied by soreness or irritation) is normal and, yes you have guessed it, blame it on the hormones!

Some expectant moms also notice an increase in saliva production resulting in the need to swallow more often or drooling. Good news – this should revert back to normal in the second trimester.

While spotting is entirely normal for some women during pregnancy, it is still important that you mention this to your doctor because it can also be among the first signs of a miscarriage. If you are concerned, contact your doctor.

If you have not chosen an obstetrician or midwife yet, do some research and find one that you are comfortable with – it is a long journey together.

Tips for Week 7

Start collecting keepsakes of your pregnancy – do you want belly pictures? What about a journal or diary?

It is so easy to forget the little things, so do capture all those little (but very exciting) steps in your pregnancy. Don’t forget to include your partner in the process.

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