Fetal Development: Week 40

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Week 40 of your Pregnancy

Finally!!! Your estimated due date (EDD) has arrived.

Pregnancy Week 40You are ready to hold your newborn baby and baby is ready for life outside the womb, but only 5% of first time pregnant moms-to-be actually deliver on the EDD, so it may take a little longer for baby to arrive (mother nature can be very fickle!).

What to Expect

You are probably feeling a mixture of anticipation, excitement, anxiety and impatience – you have waited so long for this week! Every niggle will have you wondering if something is happening and you may be frustrated.

What happens if you are overdue?

Some women choose to have labor induced. But the incidence of having an assisted delivery increases with induced labor. It is best to discuss your options with your health care provider and midwife.

Once baby is born, the APGAR test is used to assess baby’s well-being.

Tip for Week 40

Do not forget to take home mementos of your hospital stay and baby’s birth for your scrapbook or keepsake collection.

Enjoy bonding with your newborn and parenthood.


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