Fetal Development: Week 38

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Week 38 of your Pregnancy

You are almost at the end of your 9 month journey.

The sticky white vernix that covered baby’s body is now almost gone.

Pregnancy Week 38Although fat is still accumulating, growth has slowed down and baby is now ready for life outside the womb.

What to Expect

It’s been a long time since you’ve been able to see your feet when you’re standing  – you look big, feel big and have become very aware that your tummy(now a giant sphere like shape) is the first thing which enters a room or bumps into things! You can even balance a cup on it!

Take heart – the only guarantee of pregnancy is that it will end, someday, and for you this is getting closer.

Tip for Week 38

At this stage, you are probably feeling uncomfortable and getting impatient (waiting for baby to arrive).

Use this time to take care of all the little things that you will not have time to do once baby arrives such as spending time with your partner, sorting out baby’s announcement details, thank you cards, making sure you have plenty of food and household items and going through your baby checklist.


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