Fetal Development: Week 37

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Week 37 of your Pregnancy

Just 3 more weeks until your estimated due date!

From this point on, you are in a waiting game – waiting for baby to decide when he/she is ready to greet the world outside.

Baby is now considered full-term but will still continue to put on baby fat.

Pregnancy Week 37Your baby is now probably about 20 inches ( 51 cm) long and may weigh around 6½ to 7 pounds or 2.8 to 3 kg.

What to Expect

Some good news: your weight gain should slow down after this week.

At your prenatal check up this week, swaps may be taken from your vagina and rectum to check for Group B streptococcus (bacteria that can cause a serious infection in newborns).

Tips for Week 37

How do you know if you are in labor?

Some women notice a bloody show (passing the mucus plug) as the first indication that labor is around the corner. It may come out in one lump or as an increased vaginal discharge over several days.

You would have experienced some Braxton Hicks contractions (painless, short in duration and irregular), but any regular, persistent contractions that become more intense, last longer and is associated with lower back pain is a sign of true labor.

Or you make notice that you are leaking fluid from the vagina – due to rupture of the amniotic sac – also called “water breaking”.

Some women develop contractions before their water breaks and in others, their water breaks first, so it is impossible to predict in which order the signs of labor will appear.

Now is the time to finish any last minute preparations that need to be done before the imminent arrival of your baby.


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