Fetal Development: Week 36

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Week 36 of your Pregnancy

Just 1 month to go to your estimated due date! Your baby could arrive at any time now.

Your baby’s immune system is still maturing, assisted by antibodies baby receives from you.

Your baby’s lungs are fully developed and ready to take their first breath when he or she is born. He or she will also be able to suckle for feeds now.

Pregnancy Week 36Baby should be in the head down position by now but breech presentations occur in about 1 in 25 pregnancies.

Baby now weighs around 6 pounds or 2.7 kg and is about 20 inches or 51 cm long.

Your baby’s bowel is filled with a sticky, black tarry substance called meconium, which will form his/her first bowel motion.

What to Expect

Starting with this week, you will probably be seeing your doctor or midwife weekly from now on.

Internal examinations may be done to determine if the cervix has softened, started to dilate (open) and/or become thinner in preparation for labor.

Tips for Week 36

Discuss the signs of labor with your medical team and determine at which stage you should contact them.

This will take the stress out of going into labor and not knowing when you should contact your midwife, doctor or doula.

Have you figured out how to install your baby car seat yet? Do not leave it until the last minute.

Learn how to put your newborn baby to sleep safely provides some valuable tips for new moms.


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