Fetal Development: Week 35

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Week 35 of your Pregnancy

You are so close to the last month of your pregnancy!

Your baby’s basic physical development is now complete and the amniotic fluid surrounding your baby will start to diminish from now on.

Pregnancy Week 35Weight gain is now your baby’s main focus, which will make the space inside your uterus even more cramped and restricted.

Baby is also starting to develop sleeping patterns, although these may not coincide with yours!

Baby’s reflexes are now coordinated and he/she can turn his/her head, respond to sound, light and touch and grasp firmly with his/her hands.

What to Expect

If this is your first pregnancy, you may be wondering when baby is going to “drop” (when baby’s head moves into the pelvis, also called lightening).

As each pregnancy is unique, it is not possible to say exactly when it will happen, but in first pregnancies, it usually happens a few weeks before labor starts, usually around week 36.

It is called lightening because, as the baby moves down from under your rib cage, you may feel a sense of relief and less short of breath as your rib cage can now expand more easily.

Unfortunately this now puts pressure on your bladder and you may find yourself wanting to pee more often.

Lightening is not a good predictor of when labor will begin.

False labor:  False labor contractions are often irregular and don’t get close together as time goes on, often stop when you walk, rest, or change position, do not increase in intensity, and are usually only felt in the front. But if you are unsure whether you are experiencing false or true labor, contact your midwife or doctor and discuss your signs with them.

Tips for Week 35

Childbirth is unpredictable so it is important to be flexible, but if you want some say in how things are done, a birth plan will give you time to think about your choices and to discuss them with your medical team and those that will be present at the birth of your baby.

Start stocking your freezer with homemade meals that can be easily heated, for those first few weeks after you bring your baby home.


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