Fetal Development: Week 33

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Week 33 of your Pregnancy

Weighing around 4½ to 5 pounds (2 to 2.27 kg) your plump baby is looking more like a newborn as fat stores are being accumulated.

Pregnancy Week 33The bones are all beginning to harden (ossify) with the exception of the skull.

The bones in the skull do not fuse before birth and will remain soft and able to overlap (molding), making it easier for the head to pass through the birth canal at delivery.

Your baby is now just over 17 inches or 44 cm long.

What to Expect

If you notice that the scales are suddenly showing that you are putting on more weight than usual (around a pound or 500 g per week), it is due to baby’s growth spurt in these last few weeks.

You may be feeling fed up with your body shape and a little over being pregnant. Now frequent niggles and pains, kicks and prods and the physical restrictions makes it harder to forget you are pregnant.

Tips for Week 33

Try and focus on you and your partner and making the most of the time left before baby arrives.

If you are wondering if it is still safe to have sexual intercourse at this point in your pregnancy – yes, it is safe as long as your health care provider has not told you differently.

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