Fetal Development: Week 30

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Week 30 of your Pregnancy

You are now ¾’s of the way through your pregnancy – the countdown has begun!

Baby now measures about 16 inches or 40 cm from head to toe and weighs about 3 pounds or 1.4 kg.

Your baby’s eyes are maturing and he/she can now tell the difference between light and dark.

Pregnancy Week 30You can also feel your baby react to sounds.

Your baby’s lungs and digestive tract are almost fully developed and his/her fingernails are almost at the end of his/her fingertips.

Baby is getting fatter and is beginning to control his/her own body temperature, so he/she begins to lose the fine lanugo hair.

What to Expect

As baby is getting bigger and bigger every week, the pressure on your bladder is increasing, so it won’t take much urine volume to make you feel uncomfortable and wanting to run to the toilet.

With your body producing a number of different hormones that can cause your joints to become looser, one of the things you may notice is that your shoes are not fitting anymore –  your feet are actually getting bigger!

Tips for Week 30

With your uterus up against your ribs, baby kicking, heartburn and the constant need to urinate, you are probably not getting much sleep.

Try sleeping propped up on your side with pillows wedged between your legs and behind your back.

If that fails, try a comfy recliner or using a body pillow.  Frequent naps may also help.

With about 10 weeks left, now is the time to start thinking about pain relief options during delivery. Research the different techniques and discuss your options with your doctor and midwife, so that you can make an informed decision prior to delivery.

Feeling very emotional? Do you find yourself crying watching anything sad? It is completely normal to feel more emotionally fragile at this stage. However, if you are finding this overwhelming, do discuss this with your health care provider.


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