Fetal Development: Week 24

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Week 24 of your Pregnancy

Can you believe that you have reached 6 months already?

Your baby is starting to develop his individual features and is growing in weight.

Week 24 of pregnancyWeighing around 1¼ pounds or 567 grams and at around 11.8 inches or 30 cm long, baby is now starting to fill the uterus and can no longer perform cartwheels.

Real hair is growing on his or her head.

Baby’s brain is still growing and developing, the taste buds are now working and the lungs are more developed.

What to Expect

A screening test for gestational diabetes is usually done between weeks 24 to 28.

It is done by drinking a syrupy flavored substance, waiting an hour and then having a blood test.

If you have noticed small “pimples” appearing on your areolas (dark rings around your nipples), these are called Montgomery’s tubercles. During pregnancy, these glands enlarge and they remain enlarged while breastfeeding. It is believed that they secrete a lubricating and protective substance that keeps your nipples soft and supple.

Tips for week 24

If you have started developing stretch marks, use lots of moisturizing cream to relieve the itching.

Stretch marks typically occur on the tummy but can also occur on the breasts, thighs, hips and buttocks.

Take some time to think about your birth plan. You may want to discuss this with your midwife/doctor as well.


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