Fetal Development: Week 23

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Week 23 of your Pregnancy

During this week your baby will start producing a special substance called surfactant which is vital for the lungs to work properly once baby is born.

Pregnancy Week 23Baby still has a wrinkled appearance but will start building a fat layer during the coming weeks.

Baby now weighs a little over a pound or about 454 grams and is about 11.4 inches or 29 cm long.

What to Expect

As your skin continues to stretch, it may become dry and itchy. Using a moisturizer may help reduce these symptoms.

Leg cramps causing you to wake up?  Try straightening your leg and then with your hands gently flex your toes towards your shin. Doing this a couple of times will loosen and stretch the muscles. Also try stretching your leg muscles before going to bed.

Tips for Week 23

Start having conversations with your baby or playing music for him/her.

If your belly button looks like it has popped out, don’t worry, it is due to your growing uterus pushing on the belly button.

If you haven’t already signed up for antenatal classes, now is the time to register.


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