Fetal Development: Week 22

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Week 22 of your Pregnancy

Even though your baby is still incredibly small and skinny, he/she is looking like a baby now.

Week 22 of pregnancyHis/her senses are developed enough for your baby to begin exploring the sensation of touch by grabbing the umbilical cord or feet, stroking his/her face and sucking a thumb.

The eyes are completely formed (but still closed) and the lips are becoming distinct.

Taste buds have started to form on the tongue.

Weighing almost 1 pound or 430 grams and at almost 11 inches or 28 cm (crown to heel), your baby is growing fast.

What to Expect

Have you felt any tightening of the uterus?

These may be Braxton Hicks contractions, which are harmless, irregular, infrequent, short and painless contractions (usually lasting for ½ to 1 minute only).

Not everybody gets stretch marks, but around weeks 22 to 24, you may begin to see stretch marks on your abdomen and breasts, and you may also notice tiny red marks on your face or arms. The stretch marks should gradually fade (after the birth of your baby) and the red lines should disappear altogether.

Tips for Week 22

Mummy brain or pregnancy amnesia can be very frustrating and even leave you in tears. Go easy on yourself; after all, you are growing a baby and multi-tasking at the same time! Try to focus on one thing at a time.

Having a baby is a big deal and sometimes doubt may come creeping into your mind – you may question your ability to mother a child and how you are going to handle parenting. This is perfectly normal – we all question our abilities! Talk to your partner and share your feelings – he is probably feeling the same way!


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