Fetal Development: Week 21

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Week 21 of your Pregnancy

By 21 weeks your baby weighs around 12 ounces or 340 grams and measures about 8 ½ inches or 21½ cm from crown to heel – about the size of a banana.

Your baby now has thin eyebrows and tiny tooth buds are starting to form in the gums.

Gestational age: Week 21During this week, the bone marrow will start making blood cells, a job previously done by the liver and spleen.

Although the majority of the nourishment for your baby is still produced by the placenta, baby’s intestine has developed enough to start absorbing small amounts of sugar from the swallowed amniotic fluid.

What to Expect

Soon the flutters will turn into full on kicks. You may even feel baby hiccuping.

Noticed any changes in your bellybutton? Many women find their belly button is now flat and at the same level as their surrounding skin. It may even pop out and become more prominent as baby grows.

From now on your baby will be growing at a faster rate than ever which means you will notice that you are starting to put on more weight too.

Tips for Week 21

If you want to hear your baby’s heartbeat at home, buy a simple stethoscope at the drugstore.

Pamper your sore or swollen feet (and boost your general well-being) with a lovely pedicure and foot massage or a prenatal reflexology treatment.

As your size starts affecting your balance and mobility, it is time to review your exercise program. Think about trying swimming, walking and yoga instead.


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