Fetal Development: Week 14

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Week 14 of your Pregnancy

Baby now weighs about 1½ ounces or 45 grams and is around 3½ inches or 9 cm long (crown to rump), about the size of your fist.

Your baby’s body is now starting to catch up with its head.

Pregnancy Week 14Ultra-fine, soft hair called lanugo is starting to cover baby’s soft translucent skin which will protect baby’s skin while in the amniotic fluid.

Your baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and suck his/her thumb!

The genitals are fully developed but may still be difficult to detect on ultrasound.

Baby’s bones are also getting harder and stronger.

What to Expect

By now, some (or most) of your first trimester symptoms should be easing and you will start to feel more energetic. Noticed that your appetitie has gone into overdrive?

As your uterus moves more into your pelvis, pressure on your bladder should gradually ease as well, which means less trips to the bathroom and more sleep at night.

If you start to experience sharp pains on either side of your abdomen lower down, which gets worse on moving, this is most likely due to stretching of the round ligaments that support your uterus. Luckily the pain will only last a few seconds! Doing stretching exercises or prenatal yoga may be helpful.

Tips for Week 14

For many women, the second trimester is the time of their pregnancy when they feel best, so make the most of this “honeymoon period”.

Now that the nausea has settled and your energy levels are back, it is time to get out and about walking, exercising, shopping, taking a vacation or just doing something you enjoy outdoors.

Start looking at options for a pediatrician – begin interviewing possible choices for your baby.

Now would also be a great time to start doing your pelvic floor exercises.


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