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The following information on week by week fetal development is only to be used as a general guide for the growth of a baby in the womb as it can vary from baby to baby.

If you are unsure of how far pregnant you are, use the Due Date Calculator to determine which week is relevant to your pregnancy.

 Pregnancy not only changes your life, but also your body. Your baby’s growth and development in the womb is an amazing process.

From the fertilization of an egg (ovum) that develops into a tiny cluster of cells and eventually delivers a beautiful baby, it is a truly awesome and magical process.

fetal development week by weekFirst time pregnancy: You will have a lot of questions about what to expect, how your body will change and what is happening inside you. This will give you a guideline of how your baby is developing, growing and becoming a unique little individual. Also view the pregnancy timeline for more detailed information on body changes during pregnancy.

Another useful tool is First Time Pregnancy’s stunning Pregnancy Month by Month infographic – check it out!

This illustrated fetal development week by week pregnancy calendar gives you details of what is happening inside your womb and tips for each week.

To get started simply click on the week you would like to know more about.

“To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit are stretched – along with body – making pregnancy a time of transition, growth and profound beginnings.”

Anne Christian Buchanan and Debra K. Kingsporn, The Quickening Heart: A Journal for Expectant Mothers

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