How To Plan For A Baby Shower

What Is A Baby Shower For?

Why have a baby shower? Even though it is tradition, today it is a popular way of getting together to celebrate a baby’s upcoming arrival and to pamper mom-to-be whilst having a little fun and laughter too. Think of a baby shower as an initiation into the world of motherhood by “showering” the mom-to-be with presents, creating a playful lighthearted atmosphere and allowing the soon-to-be mom to be the main focus.

Baby Shower IdeasIn Victorian times, a tea party was organized for new mothers after the birth of their babies. Grandmothers were expected to give gifts of silver and everyone else gave handmade gifts. After world war 2, this changed to more of a celebration by family and friends when handmade gifts were given to the mother after baby was born. When exactly it changed from after birth to before birth is unknown.

Who Organizes It?

Friends, family and/or work colleagues are the usual organizers. Anyone but the mom-to-be as it should be a stress-free event for her. Organizing a baby shower is a lot of work as there is lot of detail in the planning process. You have to decide on and organize the date, time, location, guest list, invitations, theme, decor, games, food menu, catering, cake, gift list, party favors, speeches, seating and most importantly the budget.

Who Pays For The Baby Shower?

Traditionally, it was the person hosting the baby shower that paid for everything and it was considered their gift to the mom-to-be. This could be a very expensive gift! It would be more economical if a number of people agreed to organize it and then split the costs. Budgeting is essential when planning a baby shower.

When Do You Have A Baby Shower?

The best time is early in the last trimester, somewhere around 32 weeks. This will allow the soon-to-be mom to get the most enjoyment out of her special day and look delightfully pregnant at the same time without the discomfort of a later stage pregnancy.

 Duration Of Baby Shower

It tends to last for about 2 to 4 hours depending on the time of day e.g. mid morning, lunch time or afternoon. A good idea would be to indicate the time on the invitation cards so that everyone can plan their day.

Choose A Theme For The Baby Shower

You want to reflect the personality of the mom-to-be, so choose one that would say something about her. There are many different themes to choose from such as monkey, ladybug, owl, giraffe, duck, frog, bear, jungle, cowboy, zoo, farm animals, bumble bee, noah’s ark, nursery rhyme, sweet pea, safari, baseball,  or vintage to name just a few.
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Invitations For Baby Shower

Keeping the budget in mind, research online for free printable baby shower invites such as Free Online Invitations. It saves time and money.

Homemade Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Depending on the number of guests, buying party favors could be an expensive exercise. Why not make them instead? For some ideas, browse Homemade Baby Shower Favors, Handmade Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas and Baby Shower Favors.

Games To Play At Baby Showers  

The idea of playing games is to get the guests to mingle and interact and make it a fun event for everyone. I would suggest an easy, fun and interesting game that would be suitable for all the guests.  For example, this diaper game could be great fun:

  • Randomly put guests into pairs.
  • Each pair is given a baby doll and diaper.
  • Using one hand only each (the other hand behind their backs), they have to correctly fasten the diaper on the doll.
  • The first pair to do so correctly, wins.

Other fun games such as sketching the baby (drawing a picture of a baby on a paper plate balanced on their heads), drinking from a baby bottle filled with a beverage of your choice (first person to empty bottle wins) and deck-a-cake (bake the cupcakes beforehand and guests get to decorate them with a baby theme and mom-to-be is the judge) are just some of the easy, interesting, inexpensive and interactive games you could play.

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Remember to get your baby shower party supplies – invitations, presents, favors, games, etc. ordered.

Plan the baby shower and schedule what you have to do each week. This way it will be less stressful. To make it easier, this printable Baby Shower Planning Checklist is a good way of planning without stress.

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