In The Womb: How Your Baby’s Senses Develop

Fetal senses development

Humans have five basic senses: Sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. You may be wondering just when, during your pregnancy, your tiny baby can start feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing and see. You will be surprised to know that it is a lot earlier than you think! Your baby’s senses begin to develop from the moment [... Continue Reading ]

At 96, this woman has great, great, great news

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Infertility: The club no woman wants to be a member of

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See the hottest toy for every Christmas of the last 20 years

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Ikea's parental leave: Not exactly Swedish, but getting closer

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Do parents get too much screen time?

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This artistic mom puts her son into epic movie scenes

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Sofia Vergara is being sued by her own frozen embryos

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by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities In the celebrity world, lawsuits brought by former nannies and business partners aren't unheard [... Continue Reading ]

Video: What pumping at work would look like if men breastfed

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Shoe Size During Pregnancy – Do Your Feet Really Get Bigger?

feet during pregnancy

Swollen Feet During Pregnancy You may find your shoes are no longer that comfortable during the second and third trimesters and one of the culprits may be swelling of your feet. Pregnancy triggers many changes in your body and lots of things tend to get bigger, including your feet! During pregnancy, the extra fluid in [... Continue Reading ]